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C. L. Fails

Author. Speaker. Educator. Creative.

The Christmas Cookie Books

What would you do if you woke up on Santa’s plate? “Lay out those cookies for Santa,” said Dad. The children giggled with excitement as they laid the milk and cookies on the fireplace hearth. Snowman Jim awakens on Christmas Eve to find himself on a plate for Santa Claus.


Follow  along as this adorable cookie bounds across presents in search of a way to avoid being eaten.  Will he escape or return to the family he loves so much?

Snowman Jim, The Christmas Cookie, returns to the home that he loves just in time for Christmas Eve! How much trouble will he get into as he embarks on a wild romp through the house while his family sleeps?

Read along to find the answer to two mysterious details; the truth about fluffy flickers, and the secret to many more returns. The Christmas Cookie Returns: Fun on the Run, adventure awaits on Christmas Eve!

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