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Work In Progress: Audiobook Editing

One of the best parts of the creative journey is the potential that exists in a piece of work that has yet to be created. There's a clean slate, a blank canvas, and infinite possibilities in front of you. So much hope and joy accompanies this. What "can be" spurs us forward into the depths of work needed to start and finish something beautiful.

Then there's the reality that accompanies each new project; the time, the dedication, the focus needed to do justice to the work waiting to be born from within you. Sometimes we can finish in one sitting, or maybe a handful. Other times we'll start a project that requires more, a true Work in Progress.

This week's Work In Progress (aside from me) is an audiobook that's supposed to be released around Mother's Day. I'll cross my fingers that we're able to hit the release date, but right now I'm hard at work whittling away the outtakes and carving out the rough edits so I can get this in the hands of our Beta Listeners. I'm currently in the process of editing Chapter 5 of 15 and am internally wrestling with the thought of 10 more chapters to go. On the flip side, it was pointed out to me that after Chapter 6, I'm halfway through the book - don't question it, just know it's true. Thank goodness! I'm trying to keep that in mind as I press on.

Cheers to progress!!

Here's a snippet of the rough cut...remember it's rough, rustling clothing, sniffles, all the stuff I'll take out in the final version.

Until tomorrow,

Go be great...

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