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Surprise!! It's a Book!

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

I didn't think I'd release a book this year, not personally anyway. We've been cranking through the book releases at LaunchCrate. Two new picture books released in September. A powerful book released in October. One audiobook, one picture book and one hybrid book (part book, part course) all released in November. Add, an additional audiobook in December and that's a recipe for a very full year and not a lot of space to write.

I didn't think I'd release a book this year, but apparently I was wrong. I got to catch up with a wise friend (hi Nadia) in October who helped me mentally reframe a few things. Before I knew it I was inspired to finish writing the book I had outlined in January of 2021 and started writing in January of 2022. Bit by bit, one entry at a time, I've been writing thoughts that were on my heart and mind. Bit by bit, one entry at a time, these thoughts - pieced together, became the manuscript for this book.

The joy jar I'd spent the first half of the year filling with joyful memories, was there as a source of joyspiration. I readjusted the title, oddly enough to the original and more simplistic version, modified the cover design, and before I knew it...Decoding Joy was ready for beta reader feedback.

October was a whirlwind, but she's ready for release on November 22, 2022.

So why this book? I've written children's books, a modern memoir, and romance novels (still perplexed about this one), but this book is different.

I often get asked about my joy; where it comes from and if they can have some of mine 😆 Well, no you can’t have mine…buuuuut I CAN help you welcome in your own. Remember, I mapped out the framework for this book in 2021. I had full plans to write it in the same year. The introduction tells you more about what happened last year so I won’t spoil it. But just know it sat in outline form until January of 2022 and I'm grateful that it did. This book is more full, more complete because I had the chance to experience so much depth in the last two years.

I was going to quietly slip this book into the ether, but the LaunchCrate authors peer pressured me into doing it the right way. So there will be an online launch party for it and they’re hosting. More details on that after our launch of, “Love with No Place to Land.”

For now though, it’s here and I can breathe a bit better after holding it in my hands.

For more details, CLICK HERE.

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