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OMG - On Being Intentional

I love seeing January 1 roll around, as people choose this date to mark the beginning of something new - new habits, new ideas, new creations. Whether those new thoughts come to fruition isn't the point. It's the energy behind these transitions that intrigues me.

This is the time of year when we are more intentional in our thoughts, habits, and actions. We pause to consider what we desire and we manifest the hell out of it - until something flashy comes along and distracts us, or something more challenging comes along and we throw in the towel. But revisit that January 1st feeling with me for a moment.

That bubbling, that brewing energy of excitement for what could be...

You can create that feeling regularly with some intentional steps. One goal per month. One goal per week. One objective per day, to use yesterday's lessons on this day.

The best of who we are is on full display as the new calendar year emerges. How can you foster a space for that subtle joy to grow? What can you do or say to encourage someone's well intentioned pursuits?

Here's my bubbling energy. I'm working on several creative projects this year - yes, I know it's January 1st. These are seeds that were planted in November and December (some even earlier than that) - seeds I've been watering and fertilizing for the last two months, and seeds I'll continue to nourish as their sprigs start to push through the ground and show their proof of life to the rest of the world. Keep an eye on this space for announcements as they come available.

As we wait for the rest of the creative projects to be announced and released, here's a draft chapter of the next book to be released from the Sugarplum Universe. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

(draft cover image so you're not looking at page 1)

Sugarplum Sweethearts - Chapter 1
Download EPUB • 452KB

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