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OMG - 60 Seconds On: Being Intentional

Unless medical technology shifts drastically, AT MOST we‘d be lucky to have 11 birthdays that usher in a new decade throughout the course of our lifetime. Those are special days.

I just celebrated my 4th special birthday as I turned 40 in March, along with probably hundreds of thousands of others here on earth. People turn 40 every day somewhere, right? Yep. So no biggie. But in the months leading up to my birthday, I noticed how intentional my circle was in finding ways to celebrate this particular day with me.

Their desire to truly make this birthday special was heartening, encouraging, and a reminder - not just of the importance of wisely selecting the company we keep, but also of being intentional in how I choose to spend my time.

I’ve learned a lot about myself throughout these 40 years, and I’m sure there’s plenty left to learn. One of the reminders lingers from birthday to birthday is that my time, your time, our time here on earth really is precious. How earnest are we in using the time given to us each day?

Be intentional. You’re worth it.

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