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OMG - 60 Seconds On: Being Adventurous

When the word daring is mentioned, we automatically think of some bold & dangerous act; scaling a waterfall, riding a motorcycle, zip-lining, etc.

The truth is, while those activities are fearless, we venture into them with calculated risks. Take zip-lining for instance, there are harnesses, helmets, gloves, guides, and other things present to protect us as we soar across the sky from landing to landing. It's in the hands of these safety mechanisms that we feel courageous enough to be adventurous.

Sometimes logic, in its added layer of protection (and infinite wisdom), jumps in and overrules the feasibility of all safety measures at play. These extra safeguards spare us from unnecessary harm and danger.

What I know for certain is that my internal safeguards are different from yours, and that yours vary from the next person you make eye contact with. Yet, for whatever reason, we judge what is and is not considered adventurous for everyone on the same scale - and it's not the sliding kind. Whack.

Be adventurous in your own way! Celebrate your daring journey.

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