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C. L. Fails

Author. Speaker. Educator. Creative.

"When does the next book come out? I'm ready for more!"

Raine the Brain: The Council

Raine the Brain: The Council


LaunchCrate Publishing

When we last read Raine's journal, Mayor Lahoma and Professor Jacob had big plans in store. Those plans involve a global Council of being-battling citizens. And in the big chair, they want 12 year old, Raine, with all of his savvy inventions.

It's a fight for survival as Raine quickly navigates new partnerships, unknown beings, and the disappearance of a council member, in a battle to protect the globe. When the call comes, will Raine answer? Or, will he give up in the face of the toughest challenge of his young life?

Find the answers in The Secret World of Raine the Brain: The Council.

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