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C. L. Fails

Author. Speaker. Educator. Creative.

"Incredible book! Looking forward to rereading and digging deeper."

Decoding Joy

Decoding Joy


LaunchCrate Publishing

"Take to heart everything you are about to read. You're in good hands."

Joy feels like something we should all have easy access to. Often though, its elusive nature leaves us out of breath - chasing after it full-speed, down the street, like it just ran off with all of our favorite things. The strain of this evasive nature can leave us with a sense that joy, or the pursuit of it, is something too complex to obtain. But what if the key to decoding joy was actually quite simple?

What if there was a way to flip the tables and get joy to run to you with open arms? Would you welcome it into your life?

"Decoding Joy," is a small but mighty addition to the current roster of books that serve to teach us more about joy; what it is, how it works, and how to make it work for you. Through a heartfelt analysis of the author's experiences, "Decoding Joy," unpacks the algorithm of how to reveal and recreate it in your life. More than that, this title guides you through the process of creating an inviting space for joy to live and thrive in abundance.

Goodness awaits, joy seeker.

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