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C. L. Fails

Author. Speaker. Educator. Creative.

"Truly what a great series!!!!! Got book 3 delivered last night. Just finished.

Absolutely great job can’t wait to see what's next. The book was full of so many lessons including a reminder to embrace the now and love deeply.

...a great way to escape the stressful days I’ve had. "

A Sugarplum Promise

A Sugarplum Promise


LaunchCrate Publishing

"I felt like I was everything I wanted to be in that moment. I was enough. He was enough. We were enough, and we were about to step beyond any place we'd ever been before, and then it all changed in the blink of an eye."

Doctor, Chris James and educator, Charlie Hughes found their way back to each other's lives with the help of patience and serendipitous timing. With one heartfelt question, they cement their intentions with a ring and the ultimate promise of love.

The divinely connected pair are ecstatic at the prospect of adventuring through life together and building a family of their own. But, when the winds of life sweep in, it challenges their character and tests the fortitude of the very foundation of their romance.

They've made a covenant to meet each other at the altar. Will that promise endure?

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