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C. L. Fails

Author. Speaker. Educator. Creative.

All the Things

Romance Novels

Just like those cheesy romance movies you love, and so much more. Jump into the Sugarplum Universe and venture into the world of Dr. Chris & Charlie.

Keep your eyes open for more series within the Sugarplum Universe.

The Christmas Cookie Books

What would you do if you woke up on Santa's plate? The Christmas Cookie books answer this question.

Ella Books

Born from a letter to her Mom, the Ella Books each celebrate a different super "power." The Power of One, the Power of Sight, the Power of Yet, the Power of Grit...we can all learn something about ourselves from this young dynamo!

Raine the Brain Series

Twelve year old Raine the Brain uses everyday objects to save the earth from other-worldly beings. See what he creates next in his effort to save us all.

Middle Grade Books for Sci-fi Lovers

So Okay...

The Modern Memoir that created a movement. Learn more about 10 universal human themes from Grandpa James - in his own words (and voice). Scan the QR codes to hear stories from his virtual couch.

About Me

A full-time creative, fulfilling her lifelong dream of changing the world - one innovative ripple at a time. Learn more about what drives me...

Audio Projects 

Audiobooks, Voice Acting, Project 021, Project 022, or Podcast Productions - all things audio live right here.

One Minute Gems

Bit size nuggets of wisdom that encourage us to slow down in our fast paced world.

Workshops & Courses

Ready to jump in and get creative with me? Check out the workshops , speaking engagements and courses that are already scheduled.

Works in Progress

So, what am I up to now? What books am I writing? What songs have I half-penned? What workshops and courses am I about to launch? What frozen drink just gave me a brain freeze? It's all in here!

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