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Idea to Editor | Master Course

Live Course + Coaching

In this accelerated, eight-week online course, you'll dissect the foundations of a strong manuscript, map your outline, and with the help of our guided prompts and activities write your way to a completed manuscript. We won't pretend that it's going to be a cakewalk. However, if you're willing to commit to writing daily for the duration of two sitcoms during the week, and at least one Disney movie per day on the weekends, we're willing to help you on your journey to build from Idea to Editor.

Course attendees will attend the weekly LIVE course, and receive one hour of 1:1 coaching throughout the duration of the Master Course. 


We're at a moment in time where things are fluid and ever changing. If the 2020s have taught us anything, it's that we only have this moment, right now.

You've likely postponed the writing of your manuscript for a while, which might have led to feelings of discontent, overwhelm or frustration. Usher in a sense of relief and triumph, while reigniting the childlike sense of exploration within you. Exercise your might and learn the value of your own willpower as you give yourself the gift of opportunity.


  • Establish Your Expertise

  • Build Your Brand

  • Additional Income Stream

  • Add a New Title, Author

  • Launch Your Light Into the World​


  • 12+ hours of combined instruction & coaching (a $3600+ value)

  • Your Investment: $2507​ (flexible payment options are available)

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